Welcome to Morena Exports. We’re excited to get started in exporting El Salvador’s finest coffees, and supporting some of our favorite causes. Let me take a few minutes to answer the basic questions about us.


Suleyma and I got married on October 1st. here in San Salvador. Suleyma is a native of El Salvador, and I moved here in April of this year. We recently started a couple of businesses, well technically Sule did, I can’t legally work here. So I’m helping out with many of little details that I have some experience with.


Cafe Morena is our first line of coffee products. Our actual company is Morena Exports, Sule is a registered Importadora, meaning she is registered to import and export goods here in El Salvador.
Our coffee is of the highest quality, and we’ve searched many types and sampled many local brands to find the right blends of beans, the best production facilities, and most efficient shipping methods.


I love coffee!! El Salvador has some of the best coffee in the world. That’s not why I moved here, I’ll be posting on that later, but it’s a nice bonus. I have wanted for several years to bring the coffee I’ve found here to the US.  I almost always loaded up a suitcase with several pounds of my favorites When I came to visit.
Our vision for this new venture comes from both my love of coffee and our passion for people here who are less fortunate than ourselves.
By exporting coffee to the US and other countries we will be able to support the local growers here, but more importantly by keeping the prices and costs low we are providing a very beneficial fund raising opportunity for our many friends who have come on short-term missions trips to help finance projects year round.
Details of our fund raising coffees will be posted shortly, but our primary project is The Tia Ana House follow the link for a site developed solely for this purpose. We have committed to donate a portion of every pound sold to help finance this project until the house is completed, and will continue until all the monthly expenses are met. We have many other projects that we want to help but this has to come first for us. We are not related to House 4 Hope, but we share the same goal, to provide for Tia Ana and the Children she cares for.

We would love to hear from you, check out the links below to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, etc. or send us an E-Mail.